Creating A Record

I am working on a coaching video about making decisions and following through. Talking about how our actions create records in us – like muscle memory.
When I take action, it creates a record.
When I finish something I’ve committed to, it creates a record.
When I overcome, it creates a record.
When I choose to be positive, it creates a record.
The same is true of the opposite.
When I procrastinate, it creates a record.
When I quit it, creates a record.
When I make excuses, it creates a record.
When I complain, it creates a record.

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When I do things (positive or negative), I create a record in myself that makes doing that same thing easier in the future.

This is how behavior becomes automatic. This is how both, finishing and quitting, become a lifestyle. This is why doing hard things looks easy for some and difficult for others.
Let’s say that someone who tends to quit things, joins the 7-week online coaching program we offer. It would be better for them to do nothing more than check-in everyday for 7 weeks, than to go all in for 2 weeks and completely quit after that. By just doing the bare minimum, they would begin to create a new record of finishing. Maybe, they repeat the program and this time they check-in and drink water everyday. BAM. New record created. Third round, they check-in, drink water, and at least go into their MFP app everyday. I don’t even care if they track all of their food. But they finish the program and celebrate because a new record has been created. Each time they complete another round, they create another new record. And this time, unlike one of quitting, it’s a positive record. They gain confidence, a sense of pride, and more importantly a new identity.
This is just an example. It could be anything. But if I could speak to those who are coaching, mentoring, or leading others who struggle because of the records they’ve created: Just telling them to “not quit” won’t work. They need a plan. And 9 times out of 10 it’s hard to help them develop one because they probably struggle with asking for help, and feel shame about their behavior. They may ignore you. They may get mad at you. They may even lie to you and tell you things are just fine. For this reason, it is wise to establish and communicate strong boundaries and to be upfront about expectations BEFORE you begin coaching someone.
Be gentle with those who have trusted you. Offer a lot of grace to people who are in the midst of change. It’s not an easy process. But also have non-negotiables for yourself.
These are 2 of mine:
  1. I will invest in others to the extent that they invest in themselves.
  2. A client quitting, not succeeding, or not following through does not determine my worth.

I’d love to know what are some records that you’re committed to creating within yourself? And what are your non-negotiables? Comment below or email me at And let’s keep the conversation going on social media! I can’t wait to hear from you.

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