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Kingdom Strong is an online community focused on transformation. From workouts, to nutrition, to dealing with our emotions and thoughts, to growing ourselves spiritually so that we live from the inside-out, Kingdom Strong is about remembering who we are. Remembering our true identity. Knowing the call on our life and having the strength to live it out everyday.

The Inner Circle is a private Facebook community where you can find people on the same journey as you. In this space, Kingdom Strong founders, Amber and Jessica, will share their lives with you and be there for you as you journey with them to holistically transform. For only $12 per month, you’ll receive the following:

-Weekly workouts (that you can do at home/anywhere)

-1 weekly teaching on nutrition and your health

-1 weekly teaching on emotional and spiritual health

-Weekly LIVE Q&A with Amber & Jess

-Featured “Lifestyle Favorite of the Week”

-Daily encouragement

-Weekly challenges that inspire and equip you to transform and change

-Inner circle FB group where you can find people on the same journey. Encouragement, Connection, Resources. A place where we will share our life with you and be there for you as you journey with us and holistically transform.

Yes. Everything included in the Inner Circle will be accessed through a private Facebook group. You will need a Facebook account in order to participate.

For only $12 per month, you can be a part of the Inner Circle.

Absolutely not! Kingdom Strong’s Inner Circle is a monthly membership that renews every 30 days. You are free to cancel at anytime with no cancellation fees or penalties.

No. Very few people have the same schedule, same lifestyle, and same food preferences. That said, providing a one-size fits all meal plan could lead to you feeling restricted, overwhelmed, and discouraged. That is certainly not our goal

We’ll provide strategies, tips and tricks, meal ideas, and education that’s easy to understand, so that you will have the knowledge and skill-set to build your own customized plan that fits seamlessly into your schedule and lifestyle.

No gym membership is required but you will benefit from a pair of light dumbbells (5,8 or 10lb are perfect), a workout mat, and a resistance band!

No! While we are happy to share the products we use and love, none of them are required to participate. We are huge proponents of fueling your body with real food and the way we eat is based on that premise.

Absolutely. While physical health is a part of our whole-self, a huge portion of our Inner Circle will be focused on other areas of your life and health. (i.e. mental, emotional, spiritual, etc.)

Follow this link to access your account.  Also, if you are having technical difficulties, please feel free to reach out to info@iamkingdomstrong.com for assistance in cancelling your subscription!

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